I’ve been seeing Veroniica for about 5 years, and I can’t get enough of this woman. Organising our meetings has always been easy as I reapect the way she runs her business which she appreciates and returns with flexibility and extra care when we meet. I dont want to go into details but I can say Veroniica is down to earth person, easy to talk to and a great lover. She’s indeed a mature woman, 40+ but her beauty is timeless, seriously, she has an amazing body and takes care of herself rigurosily, I’m sure many girls in her 20s would like to be in such great shape which always help at the moment of intamacy. I’m personally crazy about her perfect legs and bottom…To die for. Thanks Ms V, and I hope to keep seeing you for many years, GAVIN

I have had the privilege of seeing Veroniica on a number of occasions. The images match the person totally, Veroniica is charming, intelligent, sexy and skilled. Always an event to catch up with her. PETER K

Wow! Simpy … Stunning!!! A beautiful lady who is a delight to have hanging on your arm for social occasions, great conversation and affectionate, intimate and erotic in the bedroom. Definitely enjoyed my time with Ms Veroniica, and will be going out of my way to see her again. ANDRIY 

I don’t normally write testimonials for two reasons: what I find desirable others may not, and a consequence of my praise may make it more difficult to book Ms Veroniica. That aside, she’s fabulous. A caring manner, respectful and simply beautiful to look at and be with. Great sex, but more importantly, great company. The photos don’t really do her justice. She’s naturally more attractive than her image. JAMES

I’ve been seeing Veroniica for a couple of years now (although not nearly as often as I’d like) and still look forward to every assignment like it was our first, when I couldn’t believe my luck at meeting such a beautiful woman. We hit it offso well and I so entranced that I immediately extented that first booking. And it’s just gotten better and better each time since. Should you be lucky enough to have her off your arm when you enter a restaurant, I guarantee every red-blooded man in the room will envy you – and their wives will be jealously telling them to stop drooling and reminding them who they’re having dinner with. Veroniica is a beautiful, mature, sensual woman with the body of a centrefold, but more than that she is a lovely, warm person who cares about pleasing you. I count myself lucky to have met her. PAUL

I’ve been wanting to meet Veroniica for awhile and while in Brisbane I had the pleasure of meeting her. Wow what a woman, stunning and her body is amazing she does look after herself. If you love her photos you will definatley be happy when you meet her. There’s no one like her in Sydney where I’m from, class! Thank you Veroniica. Visit Sydney more often please. DAVE

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