Please demonstrate respect when contacting me. Only serious and polite inquires will receive an answer from me.

As a professional I take my business seriously and appreciate that you do the same. For the experience I provide I feel my rates are fair so they are non-negotiable.

Cancellation Policy 

A small deposit will be required same day as booking to confirm the encounter, Until a deposit is made it is NOT a booking. If you cancel due to unforeseen circumstances up to 72hrs prior to our encounter, I will credit your deposit towards the next tour to your city, not the 2nd or 3rd visit to your city, this has to be the same amount of time, NOT less. This is at my discretion. 


I kindly ask and expect you to take a shower  plus mouthwash. This is expected before we begin our experience. I do not offer unprotected intercourse.

I provide all the necessary hygiene items. Impeccable hygiene will ensure that we have an enjoyable time of intimacy together.


I will NEVER call or text you first without you asking me to do so. I do confirm via text the day before our encounter unless otherwise specified e.g. email. I will also NEVER share any of your private information with any other people or providers. I’m very discreet and expect the same from you please.

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